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Hunter Gatewood

Strategy, Teaching and Coaching for Change

Hunter Gatewood is a social worker, educator and consultant who helps mission-driven organizations and individuals do good better, through his company Signal Key Consulting. Hunter helps people move from strategy to implementation, building their knowledge and effectiveness at each step, so they are more capable and confident in facing the next set of changes. He does this through the design and facilitation of professional learning networks and change management initiatives, and through shorter strategic planning and instruction engagements. Through work with Hunter and the Signal Key team, clients get both measurable results for the people they serve and new knowledge and skills for themselves.

Hunter guides people through their real work at the intersection of performance improvement methods, management skills and personal leadership. People appreciate his pragmatism, his flexibility, and his engaging and democratic approach to change management. People also appreciate his use of creative and interactive teaching methods, which replace static slide presentations with tactical exercises and graphic facilitation.

Clients and audiences of Signal Key include grant-makers, membership organizations, primary care health centers, hospitals, health plans, medical groups, behavioral health and social service agencies, and schools. Learn more about our WORK.

Before working as a consultant, Hunter was Director of Health Improvement at San Francisco Health Plan. Prior to that he managed learning collaboratives for the California Health Care Safety Net Institute. His clinical experience as a social worker includes community case management for patients with high care needs related to multiple chronic illnesses, homelessness, addiction, and mental illness. It was these partnerships with patients that got him interested in systems thinking and change management.

denise armstoff

Denise Armstorff

Performance Improvement and Team Development

Denise Armstorff, BSHA, has worked in the healthcare industry for over 30 years, and in the arena of performance improvement since 2008. She has a wide range of experience in quality improvement, having served as Director of Performance Improvement at Kaiser Permanente, Manager of Performance Improvement Capability Development at Partnership HealthPlan of California, and as an independent Performance Improvement Consultant. She has deep experience working as a Practice Coach, collaborating directly with provider practice teams to develop provider/staff capability and capacity for improvement; as a Master Coach, training and developing improvement advisors and coaches; as a Curriculum Developer and Program Designer, creating practical, applicable, and participatory learning program, events and tools;

and, as a Facilitator/Trainer, delivering curriculum via interactive exercises and methods reflecting adult learning theory, including IHI’s Model for Improvement and quality improvement leadership topics.

Denise brings her love and passion for people and quality healthcare into every interaction and seeks to connect participants more closely with their patients, one another, and the work that they do. She employs humble inquiry, powerful questions, observation, and story-telling in working with goal-oriented groups.

Kathy florin

Kathy Florin

Administration and Project Management

Kathy Florin has over eight years of professional experience in administration, event planning, and the detailed implementation of an organization's vision and goals. Her work in an administrative and coordination role include work as a director’s assistant for a documentary film festival, and administration for a non-profit theater company and for the launch of an eco-friendly cafe and community center in Costa Rica. Kathy’s mission is to work alongside individuals and organizations whose creative and innovative work has a positive impact on local and global communities.

Kathy’s work as a facilitator and organizer provides the foundation for operational efficiency and communication for Signal Key, where she keeps the team organized and moving. She provides services to Signal Key and to our clients directly, including newsletter and publication design, website and social media maintenance, database and email management, customer service, calendar management, content creation, research, event management, and scheduling. Other expertise includes online marketing, sales, and volunteer coordination.  

suzanne Samuel

Suzanne Samuel

Communications and Strategy

Suzanne Samuel is a strategy and communications consultant with a focus on public health and the safety net. Suzanne works with clients to build skills—and confidence—in how to form strong teams, deliver great presentations, tell compelling stories, create effective communications systems, and increase buy-in and engagement. She has provided communications strategy to multiple healthcare learning communities across California on topics including quality improvement, payment reform, data-driven decision-making, and decreasing cardiovascular risk.

Bringing over 25 years of experience, Suzanne’s clients include the Center for Care Innovations, Public Health Institute, Institute for High Quality Care, Cedars-Sinai, eBay, ACLU, California School-Based Health Alliance, HealthImpact, Girls Inc., and individual clinics across California.

Before opening her consulting practice, Suzanne spent 7 years at Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit and External & Community Affairs, where she trained and supported hundreds of grantees and initiatives; 4 years at the California Digital Library; and nearly a decade as a journalist and editor. Learn more at suzannesamuel.com


Loreta Villemez

Performance Improvement and Data Analytics

Loreta Villemez combines two disciplines, Lean Six Sigma and PCMH, one technical and the other conceptual, to form the foundation of a unique perspective on quality that is both rigorous and relevant to the community health center audience. She is, both, a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and an NCQA PCMH Certified Content Expert. Her area of expertise is in data analysis and applying statistical knowledge within the Six Sigma framework to support a patient-centered model of care.

Loreta has 20 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, primarily with FQHCs. She has led 18 FQHC practice sites and 19 private medical practices in practice transformation and successful PCMH recognition. Learn more at villemezconsulting.com

about the name

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Signal Key is named for the telegraph signal key, the dot-and-dash-making machine that brought the world into frequent reliable contact virtually overnight. The signal key is a symbol of clear direct communication, of the specific information needed to know what’s happening now. Among its contributions to society, the telegraph facilitated great improvements to the safety of the railroads, and improved the range and reliability of news reporting. The telegraph also connected people in all types of personal and professional relationships, to do what they do in a closer and more coordinated way.